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The Comfort of the Comfort Zone

Written By: Haylee Light-Autry

The comfort zone can be considered a person’s safe space. It can be described as a place that induces little to no stress and promotes relief from the scary parts of life. The problem with staying in your comfort zone is the lack of development and progress. Being able to distinguish when staying in your comfort zone is necessary or not can be very beneficial.

A person may have several reasons for staying in their comfort zone, including the minimum risk and the consistent, easy routine. Even though this can be a safe way to go through life, not taking the risk and stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to several missed opportunities. When a person stays reliant on their comfort zone, they may miss many beautiful parts of life. There can be tons of beauty found in new relationships with friends or significant others, a better job that provides in more ways for your family, or simply bringing more happiness in the long run.

Staying in the comfort zone that has become so familiar is not a bad thing. The secure feeling and support that this zone brings can be useful for individuals working through stressful situations. Taking small steps to broaden the zone can be very useful and a lot less scary. The result of leaving your comfort zone can be increased self-confidence, personal development in several categories, new life experiences, and strength that was hidden previously. No one progresses in life at the same pace, so taking either baby steps or huge strides in leaving your comfort zone is always acceptable. Working at a pace that isn’t too overwhelming can lead to increased success and confidence. Finding a balance between your comfort zone and stepping out of your comfort zone can be pretty challenging, but the reward in the end is something worth trying for.

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