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Mental Health Benefits of Pets

Mental Health Tip of the Week: Spend Time With Your Pet

Many people can relate to the unconditional love they experience from their pets. So, it's no surprise that spending time with your fury, feathery, scaley, or smooth bundle of love is good for your mental health. Humans are social creatures that long for connection and belonging. When you take on a pet, it opens you up to a love and responsibility outside of yourself. You have a relationship with them, even if it's not a human relationship. Though pets can sometimes behave in ways that displease us, there is an inner acceptance we experience with them that we cannot always share with other humans. They do not care how much money we have or don't have, they don't care how good we are at our job, or what size pants we fit in. They simply care and accept us for the person that we are.

The Mental Health Benefits of Pets:

1. Pets increase feelings of companionship 2. Pets reduce stress 3. Pets help reduce symptoms of anxiety 4. Pets help decrease symptoms of depression 5. Pets encourage a more physically active lifestyle

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