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How does death help us and heal us?

Human beings learn throughout the course of life that one thing is sure to be true, and that is that at some point, every individual that walks this planet will die. This awareness brings an excitement and an intention to our life. It motivates us to desire a meaning and purpose for the time that we have each day. However, this awareness that life is precious and that what we do does matter can be lost in the mundane of our routine, habits, or problems. We don't really know how to talk about death because the near mention of it makes us feel uncertain. This ambiguous thing that we know is going to happen and could actually happen in anyway and at any given time makes us feel like we really don't have any control over our existence and our time. When we are faced with loosing the ones we love or someone we know looses a loved one, we are at a loss of words. Nothing that we say or do can heal this inevitable pain. No other life, person, or change, will replace this soul we have lost. Why is that? It's because our time and our lives are precious, powerful, and serve a purpose. When we encounter a death, it puts our own humanity in perspective. I am still here, why, what am I doing? We reflect on the questions of: how did this individual touch my life? and what did they offer to this world? We are able to see that we are still here and our life must matter in some way, as well. With this realization, we can let go of the things in our life that we believe to be standing in our way. We can embrace the freedom that life offers and the present moment, realizing it's not yet our time. So what I would ask you is why are you still here? Who are you touching? What do you believe is somehow standing in your way and how could you live more freely?

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