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Gratitude and Self Love

A Reflection from a College Student

Before attending college, gratitude prompts and affirmations were not two things I would say I practiced or even knew much about. Once I began practicing these however, the impact it had on my life was remarkable. When most people think about gratitude, they see it as saying thank you when something has been done for them, but it is more than that of an action. Gratitude is also an emotion of appreciation towards someone or something. The different gratitude journal prompts, and affirmations help us to recall the special moments in life we sometimes may look over. For example, when I am having a bad day, my initial behavior is to point out all of the things that made it a bad day and complain about it. On these bad days the gratitude prompts help me to not only realize my whole day was not bad, but also helps me learn how to improve to make the next day better. Even on the best of the best days I still use these prompts to help me point out what made that day special. Not only are these prompts helping me to learn about myself, but they are also helping to improve my mental health.

As a college student stress and anxiety are emotions I often feel. Being a student most of this stress and anxiety stems from school, money, and/or work. Before learning about gratitude prompts and affirmations when I was overcome by stress or anxiety I would instantly shut down because of my frustration. These prompts however help me to work through my feelings of stress and anxiety as they are positive encouragers and allow me to reflect. Although I have found these helpful for my mental health, I did also learn that it took time for me to start believing my own words. It is not always as simple as writing it down and having an instant switch of emotions, it comes with time. Throughout my journey I have found it most beneficial when I make these prompts apart of my daily routine instead of only doing them on bad or good days. Lastly, I believe that it is important to remember to show gratitude towards yourself and others. It makes me feel good when people show their appreciation for me and if you can make someone else’s day better, it just might make your day better as well.

The thought of gratitude prompts might sound silly to some, but they have worked for me and many others. If you were to take 5-10 minutes out of your day to ask yourself some questions to reflect on the positives about your day or yourself, you might be shocked at the impact it will begin to have on your life. They have helped me to learn strengths and weaknesses, appreciate the important people/events in my life, and overall love myself more as a person. If they were able to do this for me, they might just be able to help you as well.

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