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Fitness and Your Mental Health

Written By: Haylee Light-Autry

When it comes to adults navigating physical fitness along with aging, sometimes finding the right activity can be difficult. However, the importance of physical exercise does not only increase physical health, but greatly supports a person’s mental health. Exercise can consist of anything that raises a person’s heartrate, like running, swimming, kickboxing, or other physical activities. When someone exercises on a regular basis, there are many benefits that accompany the act, not just weight loss or muscle building. The initial search for a favorite exercise can be difficult but can be completely worth it as the years go on.

A form of exercise, regardless of what that consists of, can do wonders for a person looking for improvements in their physical or mental health. Regular exercise can increase the amount of serotonin in the body and stimulate the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. These two things together can help improve a person’s mood. Along with the increase in serotonin, exercise can release endorphins. These endorphins are nicknamed “happy chemicals” because they can naturally help a person’s mood. Increasing these chemicals in the body can help a person who is dealing with depression, anxiety, or stress. Exercise of any sort can increase the chances of having a good night’s sleep because the core body temp rises during the workout and then falls after cooling down. This is signaling to your body that it is awake and then when it is time to relax or sleep about an hour after the end of a workout. Understanding that these are benefits of working out can provide a little motivation in finding the right exercise program or routine.

Your preferred form of exercise doesn’t only help with mental health neurologically. Certain forms of exercise can include access to a team or support system, for example workout classes can have teachers and other participants that could help with any questions or concerns. This inclusivity can help with your mental health because it ensures that you are not alone. Having other people that participate in the same activities can increase the determination to accomplish goals and even help others accomplish the same goals.

Several individuals find it difficult to continue sports after high school ends. This can be due to the normal organization of school sports being easily accessible but finding the right fit for you at a gym can be very beneficial. It might take many tries to find the right place. Having to try multiple gyms is not a bad thing and can actually lead to a more comfortable environment that promotes more success.

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