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Changing Your Perception of Therapy

Written by Haylee Light-Autry

Mental health resources, such as therapy, have a long history of negative stigmatization behind them. Several individuals look at therapy as a waste of time or a sign of weakness in certain cases or cultures. Being able to identify the importance of therapy and understanding the benefits fully can ease some of the negative ideals behind receiving care.

When it comes to the outlooks of therapy and mental health treatment, the negative outlook of some can be due to the lack of understanding. In previous years, mental health treatment was irrelevant and not always an option. This can be due to certain cultures or simply people not wanting to learn something new. As the years progress, especially after the COVID years, mental health treatment is starting to be better accessible for all individuals and recommended as an option for help. Individuals are being educated about the benefits of seeking help, which include certain aspects like management of emotions, relief from their mental health conditions, and even self-acceptance. The lack of understanding when discovering something new can be very off-putting when referring to topics like mental health, but easily accessible resources can be beneficial in the process of educating yourself or others in need of the services.

Lack of understanding is not always the reason an individual has for not seeking treatment through therapy. Another reason can be related to the fear of talking to a stranger. The idea of spilling personal information to a complete stranger can seem like a senseless and uncomfortable activity. Even though this may seem like the case, having a therapist who honors confidentiality and helps by offering solutions can be very beneficial. If you think about it, having the availability of a non-partial third party to talk to about the issues that are plaguing your everyday life can help with feelings of stress and release some of the weight that you may be carrying around. All new things start out in the uncomfortable stage, but the point of the therapist is to make each visit as comfortable as possible without pushing their clients too far. Finding the correct therapist can be the beginning to easing the fear of seeking mental health treatment.

In addition to the lack of understanding and fear of talking to strangers, some individuals believe their problems do not warrant therapy. No matter how small the problem is, anything that restricts the flow of a person’s everyday life can warrant the need to seek help. A therapist is a resource that can be used for problems that range from small too extreme because not a single person feels the same way. Having reservations about using a therapist is completely understandable but finding the right person to make you feel comfortable and validate your feelings of concern can be very beneficial.

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