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Awareness Leads to Growth

How often do you stop to take a pause? If you were to pause, what would you notice? Would you notice that you’ve been breathing this whole time without really paying attention to your breath or the work your body is doing to take care of you? Do you notice that certain parts of your body are holding more tension than others? Do you notice that your head or chest may feel heavy? Do you notice how you are feeling in your own skin and the emotions that are firing away through your nervous system. Awareness is the key for growth or change. It is tuning into where you are and what is going on with you.

When you allow yourself to pause, you begin to realize how much is there and how much you’ve been carrying. In order to really move past things that happen, we have to allow ourselves the time and space to fully process them. We have to be aware of what we are carrying and how that is impacting not only our mind and the way we make decisions, but also our nervous system, and our physical body. You can cultivate more awareness on your own through journaling, yoga, and meditation. If you are additional needing support in the process of growth and healing, psychotherapy allows you the space to uncover the layers of what you’ve been carrying. Your mental health impacts all of the areas of your life and your personal functioning. Give yourself the opportunity to take a necessary pause.

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